Winter Special Skin Whitening & Brightening Facial | How to Do


How to Do Facial for Winter Skin | A Simple Method

Do you also visit a beauty salon to get a facial treatment? A skin facial is the most effective treatment for your facial skin and it helps to rejuvenate your dead and dull skin. However, it costs you much when you get a facial treatment at a beauty salon. To save your money, the best tip for you is to do your skin facial yourself at home. In the video below, I am going to share with you a simple method to do winter skin whitening & brightening facial at home.

Facial to Get White & Bright Skin | How to Do

Step 1 – Cleansing

Mix a tbsp of raw milk and a tbsp of tomato juice. Massage your skin with this mix for two minutes. Wash your face after this.

Step 2 – Scrubbing

The second step in this skin whitening & brightening facial is the use of a scrub. Mix a tbsp of coffee powder and a tbsp of coconut oil. After this, scrub your skin with this mix for two to three minutes. Now, wash your face.

Step 3 – Facial Massage

Mix two tbsp of milk cream, one tbsp of honey, and two capsules of Vitamin E. Massage your skin for 10 minutes with this mix. Wash your face now.

Step 4 – Face Mask

The last step is to apply a face mask. For this, mix two tbsp of gram flour, half tsp of turmeric powder, and two to three tbsp of raw milk. Apply the mask, and leave it for 15 minutes with cold water.

This skin whitening & brightening facial is amazing, and also, it is 100% working. So, try this facial and have perfect beauty.