Weight Gain Milk Shake Recipe to Get A Healthy Body


How to Make Shake for Weight Gain Fast At Home

Is your body lean and extra slim? All of you wish to look smart and fit. But, if you are underweight, it is not good. Being underweight body shows that your body is suffering from the deficiency of nutrients. To live a healthy and ac active life, you need to have a balanced body weight. A weak and a lean body makes you look dull too, and it seems that you are ill. There remains no glow on your skin, and you suffer from hair fall too. Thus, to gain required weight, you need to focus on your diet first. In the video below, I am going to share with you the recipe to make weight gain milk shake fast at home for weight gain naturally.

Homemade Remedy to Gain Weight Fast & Naturally


  • Rock candy, half tbsp
  • Badhari Qand (herb), one-fourth tsp
  • Dates, four
  • Milk, one glass


  • Take a grinder jar, and in it, add one glass of milk.
  • After this, add half tbsp of rock candy to it.
  • Next, add one-fourth tsp of Badhari qand and four dates to it.
  • Grind all the ingredients well in the grinder and weight gain milk shake.

How to Use:

Use the shake 30 minutes after your breakfast. In 40 to 45 days, you will see visible weight gain results.

This homemade weight gain milk shake is the best for all of you, and it is loaded with amazing health benefits. The ingredients used in this shake make your body fit and healthy, and also, the use of this shake makes your skin and hair healthy. So, if you want to look perfect and fit, make and use this shake and share your results with us here.