Surprising Drink to Get Healthy Body and Gain Weight Tips


Surprising Drink to Get Healthy Body and Gain Weight Tips 

It’s an amazing remedy for slim and skinny people who want to increase their body weight healthily. Other remedies have many side effects like they cause high cholesterol level. But it has no side effects so try it and get an advantage. Here are the following steps to make a drink to get healthy body. 

Natural Drink to Get Healthy Body and Chubby Look

All the ingredients that are required are already available in kitchens. You just need their given quantity to make this refreshing and healthy drink.


  • Bananas, two
  • Peanuts, ten
  • Almonds, ten
  • Milk, one glass
  • Honey, one tbsp


  1. Firstly take a clean blender and add one glass of fresh milk.
  2. Then, peel off the fruits with the help of a knife.
  3. Later, make small chunks of them and add into the blender.
  4. In the next step, take ten pieces of dry almonds.
  5. Then, and add these almonds into the blender.
  6. After that, take ten pieces of peanuts and separate their peel.
  7. Now, add these pieces of peanuts into the mixture.
  8. Then, take one tbsp of pure honey and add it to the blender.
  9. In this step, put the lid and turn on the blender.
  10. Now, blend the things well for few seconds to make juice.
  11. Later, switch off the blender and pour out the juice into a glasss.
  12. Finally, the juice is ready to drink.

How to use

  • First of all, make the fresh juice daily in the morning.
  • Now, drink the juice on an empty stomach immediately after making it.
  • Then, don’t eat anything for one hour.
  • After one hour, you should take breakfast.
  • Use this remedy for one month and become healthy and chubby within the month.

You can easily make this drink to get the healthy body by using this simple and natural drink.