Skincare in Pregnancy for Women | Best 100% Working Tips


How to Take Good Care of Your Skin during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many of you have to face hormonal issues. Because of it, different changes develop in your skin, and you may get acne, pimples, freckles, eye circles, and a dark neck. Also, you skin may get dry and dark. In the video below, I am going to share with you some easy tips for skincare in pregnancy. Follow the tips to maintain your beauty during pregnancy too.

Homemade Tips for Beautiful Skin in Pregnancy

Stretch Marks:

These marks are painless. To prevent the marks, apply coconut oil to your body after taking a bath. The oil moisturizes your body, and blocks formation of stretch marks.

Use dry towel if you face itching. Also, apply oil to your breast area to prevent pain and cracks during breastfeeding.


Use raw milk for skin cleansing. You may use a mix of lemon, milk and honey for cleansing as well.


During pregnancy days, do not use harsh products. For scrubbing, use a mix of gram flour and rice water twice in a week.

Eye Care

For eye wrinkles and skincare in pregnancy, apply egg white to under eye area and for tea bags, use tea water, and have perfect beauty.

Freckles Removal:

Have a glass of lukewarm water mixed one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey after giving birth to your baby.

Fair, Glowing Skin:

Mix banana and melon seeds powder. Apply the paste to your face, and it gives fantastic results, and makes skin fair and glowing.

Lip Care:

For lip care, apply milk cream, and leave it overnight. Also, scrub your lips once in every 10 days. For black lips, use scrub made of lemon juice and sugar.

Black Neck:

Mix yogurt and lemon juice, and apply the mix to dark neck for 20 minutes.


Mix olive and almond oil. Use the oil daily to massage your skin for five minutes.  Do not use more fragrances, and also, do not use any harsh chemicals and formula creams. Have healthy foods.

These tips for skincare in pregnancy are 100% working. Follow the tips, and have perfect beautiful skin during pregnancy too.