Natural Way to Make Natural Skin Whitening Face Pack At Home


How to Make Natural Skin Whitening Face Pack At Home

For getting glowing and fair skin, different people use many beauty products but many of these don’t suit on their skin and give harm. Instead of damaging your skin, you should try something realistic and natural at home. So, I am giving you the remedy to make skin whitening face pack at home. Read the steps carefully to make it.

Easy Homemade Remedy for Skin Whitening Face Pack

The ingredients are following that you need to make this amazing skin glowing paste at home.


  • Milk, two tbsp
  • Rice flour, one tbsp
  • Gram flour, one tsp
  • Orange juice, one tsp

Always do a patch test on hands to check the intensity of mask.


  1. First of all, grab a clean bowl.
  2. Then, take two tbsp of fresh milk and add it into the bowl.
  3. After that, take one tbsp of rice flour and add it to the mixture.
  4. In the next step, add one tsp of gram flour into the bowl.
  5. Later, take one tsp of orange juice or Vitamin-C capsules and add the juice to the mixture.
  6. Now, take a stirrer and mix the ingredients well with it.
  7. Finally, the whitening cream is ready to apply on the face.

How to use

  • Firstly, make the skin glowing cream according to the above procedure.
  • Then, take the paste and apply it on your face, equally on sides of the face.
  • You can also apply it on your hands and feet to make them fair and glowing skin.
  • Always use the mask in the evening or night time, if you are applying this in the morning then avoid the sun.
  • Use this mask three times in a week for an instant

You should try to this natural skin whitening face pack that can make your skin shiny and fair.