Remove dark spots and acne scars in just 4 days


If, you have acne on face or other parts of body and want to get rid of it then, you are at the right place because today, I’m going to share a great face mask for acne prone skin. It will remove all of your acne scars and gives you fair and glowing skin naturally fast.  Clear and beautiful skin is a sign of perfection and makes your personality more attractive and gorgeous.


  • Water
  • Cumin seeds


  • You need to take two glass of water in a pan.
  • Add one tablespoon of cumin seeds.
  • Cook it until the water gets half.
  • Stain it,
  • Put this water in empty spray bottle.
  • Spray this water on your face daily three to four times a day.

It will make your skin fresh and free from all the pimples and acne scars. Cumin seeds help your skin to get fair, clear and beautiful so, you should try it. It is best and effective remedy to get clear acne free face within a month. It will also make your skin fair and glowing so, no need to spend money on expensive acne removal treatments. Just follow this remedy and you will definitely get fully satisfying results. It contains tea tree essence that works to make your dark spots lighter. You can also use tea tree oil if, you have oily skin otherwise no need to use.