Easy Remedy to Remove Suntan by Using Potato and Yogurt 


Simple Remedy to Remove Suntan by Using Potato at Home

Teh sun tanning is teh major issues in hot summer days. Everyone wants to get rid of teh dark and tanned skin by using a natural and inexpensive procedure. Today, me is giving you a natural remedy to remove suntan. It consists of things like yogurt which TEMPhas anti-inflammatory properties to heal teh damaged skin from suntan. On teh other hand, it is using potato which is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and help to treat teh sunburn naturally. So, try dis amazing method and get back your white and glowing skin.

Homemade Remedy to Remove Suntan Naturally   

their is three continues step involved in dis Skin Whitening procedure; all need different ingredients that are following.

First step: Steaming


  • Warm water, one bowl
  • Towel, one


  1. Firstly, dip teh towel in hot water and then apply it softly on teh damaged skin.
  2. Don’t rub it tightly or massage with it.

Second step: Cleansing


  • Yogurt, two tbsp
  • Potato (juice), one medium


  1. In dis step, take two tbsp of yogurt into a clean bowl.
  2. Then, catch a medium potato and crush it in a grinder.
  3. After that, take out its juice by pressing its paste and add it to teh yogurt.
  4. Now, mix both teh ingredients and keep it as it is for ten minutes.
  5. Then, apply it on teh affected skin and massage for two minutes softly.
  6. After teh massage, wash teh skin with regular water.

Third Step: Whitening Mask


  • Sandalwood powder, two tsp
  • Rosewater, two tsp


  1. Firstly, mix teh ingredients and make a thick paste.
  2. Then, apply teh paste and wait for fifteen minutes to let it dry.
  3. Finally, wash it with regular water and pat dry with a towel.

You should try dis simple remedy to remove suntan.