Reduce Nose Fat in 40 Days Remedy by Hakeem Abdul Basit


Try this Remedy and Get Rid of Nose Fat

The shape and the sharpness of your nose affect your overall facial beauty. If your nose is sharp or thinner, it gives a sharp look to other features of your face as well. On the other hand, extra nose fat also makes your face look fatty. For getting a thinner nose, the use of a nose surgery is considered to be the only option. But, it is no so. A surgical method is not easy, and also, it is costly and full of risks. In the video below, I am going to share with you the remedy to reduce nose fat at home in a natural way in 40 days only.

How to Make Nose Thinner without Surgery

To make a natural home remedy at home for losing extra nose fat, and to make your nose thinner, here is the recipe. For this, the ingredients you need are


  • Cloves, 15
  • Water, one glass
  • Salt, one tsp


  • Take a pan, and in it, add about 15 cloves.
  • After this, add one glass of water.
  • Next, add one tsp of salt.
  • Mix and boil all the ingredients.
  • Strain the mixture after this and get the extract.
  • The best home remedy to reduce nose fat is ready for use now.

How to Use:

Put the water into your nose and gargle. Apply plastic or wooden clip to your nose for five minutes twice daily. In 40 days, you will get results.

This home remedy to reduce nose fat is easy to make and use. If you try it, you will be able to get thinner nose without any surgical procedure. The remedy is cost-effective, and you can make it easily at home. So, make and use this remedy, and get a sharp look by getting rid of extra nose fat.