Natural way to remove foot swelling


Are you suffering from foot swelling and pain? Then, you are at the right place today I’m going to share natural way to remove foot swelling. If, you are pregnant and you have foot swelling then, don’t try this remedy otherwise you can do it. There are many reason of this problem it may be due to high blood pressure or sugar. It is better to consult with your doctor first then, go with home remedies or herbal treatments. Medical treatments cost high so, if you can’t afford it, go with this super effective herbal solution.


  • Olive oil


  • You just need to take fresh and natural olive oil.
  • Massage your feet with it before, sleeping at night.
  • Do it regularly.
  • You will get rid of foot swelling and pain naturally within few days.

Benefits of olive oil:

Olive oil is very effective for your skin, hair and health. You can cook your food in olive oil to keep your body healthy. You can apply it on your hair to make them long, thick and beautiful. Olive oil provides you relief from body pain and swelling so, use it daily and say good bye to doctors.