Massage Therapy to Relieve Stress, Headache and Neck Pain


How to Release Stress and Neck Pain with this Massage Technique

Do you often visit a beauty salon to get a body massage? For your body to make it feel relaxed and comfortable, a massage therapy is one of the best treatments. The body massage helps to release all tiredness and stress. In the video below, I have something special for you. Here, I am going to share with you a 100% effective massage therapy to relieve stress, headache and neck pain.

How to Massage to Get Rid of Stress & Neck Pain

The use of a massage therapy makes your body feel relaxed. It is very effective to get rid of body aches. The steps you need to follow for the therapy shared below are

Step 1

Sit on a comfortable chair with a solid back. Keep your hair open.

Step 2

Run through your fingertips starting from forehead, and then move to the back of your head.  Make sure that you apply mild pressure on your scalp while doing so. After this, use finger tips to massage gently as well.

Step 3

Next, do the reverse, and apply mild pressure again. Move from back of your head towards your forehead while applying pressure on your scalp continuously.

Step 4

Now, massage the sides of your scalp as well to relieve stress, headache and neck pain. Move fingertips, straight, up and down and then in a circular motion till the back half of your scalp.

Step 5

After this, place your hands on your head and keep the fingers spread. Start moving your arms now. It is extremely relaxing. You will be feeling as your scalp is moving forward and backward while doing so.

Step 6

Now, rub your thumb at the tip of your ears in a circular motion, and pay attention to your ear lobes.

This simple massage therapy to relieve stress, headache and neck pain is the best and it is the most effective. So, if you often feel tired and cannot bear neck and shoulder pain, follow this remedy to stay calm and comfortable.