How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster | Best Nail Therapy


How to Get Long Healthy Nails Fast with Natural Ingredients

All of you want to have long, strong and healthy nails as long, healthy nails help to make your hands look beautiful. Especially, when you wear nail polish, the long and strong nails make your hands look extremely attractive. But, all of you do not have the same strong and healthy nails. Also, many of you face the issue of dirty yellow nails. What to use for the cure of all such issues related to your nails? In today’s video, I have the right solution. Here, I am going to share with you the best nail therapy to make your nails grow faster. This therapy has three basic steps, and it gives quick and effective results. So, follow this remedy and the results will surprise you.

Best Nail Treatment to Get Stronger Nails

Step 1 – Soak Treatment

Take two bowls full of water. In one bowl, take hot water, and in the other bowl, take ice-cold water. Add one spoon of olive oil in hot water bowl.

First, dip your nails in hot water for two to three minutes. After this, dip the nails in cold water bowl. Use this simple therapy three times in a week.

Step 2 – Lemon Treatment

Now, take a lemon, and rub the lemon slice on your nails for five minutes to make your nails grow faster. This step treats yellow nails and makes your nails shiny and white.

Step 3 – Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Now, take apple cider vinegar or plain vinegar, and in it, soak your nails for five minutes. This helps to make your nails shiny and long. After this, wash your nails with clean water, and apply olive oil to moisturize your nails and treat dry nails.

The remedy improves the circulation of blood in your nails. It promotes the growth of nails. Also, this nail treatment makes your nails healthy, long and strong. This nail therapy cures weak and brittle nails and removes dirty yellow stains from your nails. So, if you need the best solution to make your nails grow faster, follow this easy nail therapy and get beautiful nails super fast.