How To Make Herbal Homemade Hair Oil For Baldness


DIY Magical Homemade Hair Oil For Baldness

Hair fall is a common hair condition. We are losing five to ten percent hair daily. Hair loss can be the result of stress, hormonal changes, medication etc. Excessive hair loss refers to baldness. Aging is also the most common cause of baldness. DHT is present in Male baldness pattern that can affect scalp and we lose hair but female baldness also plays role in baldness. There are many home remedies available that are used to treat baldness. In this article, you will learn to make the most effective and easy Homemade Hair Oil For Baldness.

Homemade Hair Oil For Baldness To Improve Hair Growth

Ingredients You Need Are

  • Sweet Almond Oil, Two Tsp
  • Mustard Oil, Two Tsp
  • Black Nigella Seeds (Kalonji Seeds ), Half Tsp
  • Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana), Half Tsp
  • Ginger, Small Piece
  • Wheat Sack, Small Piece

How To Make

  1. To making hair oil, we will add a pan over medium heat.
  2. Now, add sweet almond oil, mustard oil, black nigella seeds, and fenugreek seeds in it.
  3. Furthermore, add ginger pieces, wheat sack piece and cook all the ingredients for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  4. You can save this homemade hair oil for baldness in an airtight container.
  5. For best result, use it twice a week and it will help to improve hair growth naturally.

Benefits You Will Get

  1. Almonds rich in zinc that is important mineral for healthy and strong hair.
  2. Almond oil moisturize the scalp and help to improve hair growth naturally. It can fight dandruff and also removes dead cells.
  3. Fenugreek seeds have a high amount of protein that is the best nutrient for baldness.
  4. Black seeds (Nigella) can also improve scalp health.
  5. Balck nigella seeds have many other great nutrients and minerals for regrowth hair.

Furthermore, we can say that this Homemade Hair Oil For Baldness has essential properties that work to improve hair growth. So, you should try it at home.