Lose weight fast is just 15 days


It’s a wish of every fat girl to lose weight overnight but, it’s not as easy as you think. You need to work really hard for it. You have to kick out fast food from your diet and eat healthy. Try to drink green tea once a day and do regular workout. The weight loss journey includes patient and lots of exercise and dieting so, make yourself strong and starts your journey now. If, you want to lose weight fast then, you can use this remedy for it.


  • Joo
  • Kanak


  • Soak two spoons of joo and kanak in water.
  • Early morning, drink this water before having your breakfast.
  • It is best and natural way to lose weight.

Hope, you will try it. Additionally, you should make a routine to do regular workout. You will get quick and best results. The dieting is very important because, if you eat oily and junk food, you can’t lose weight. To use weight loss pills are very dangerous for health so, try to avoid them and lose weight in a natural and healthy way. Increase the intake of fresh juices and vegetables as well in your diet.