Just one ingredient to get relief from stomach hotness


In the month of Ramadan, mostly people eat a lot of oily foods that make their stomach painful and imbalance. So, it is important to take proper diet. The stomach hotness is common but, if it is not treated on time then, it can be become dangerous for your health and you may suffer from serious disease. So, you should take it seriously today, I’m going to share a great and best remedy for curing stomach hotness.


  • Dates


  • Take some dates.
  • Make a shake of it.
  • Drink it daily about one glass.
  • It will make your stomach clear and you will feel better.

Additionally, you should try to control over oily food because it will damage your stomach and you may suffer from heart diseases. Dates are very good for your health so, add it in your diet. If, you can’t drink a shake then, you can eat two or three dates.