Instant weight loss in just 12 days


Loosing weigh is very difficult, you need to be patient and follow proper diet. Mostly, people stop eating for losing weight fast but, it’s dangerous for your health. You have to eat while reducing weigh but, should eat healthy and oil free food.  Today, I’m going to share instant weight loss remedy that will help you to get smart and best figure in just 12 days. It is natural method so; it is safe and free from side effects. It is suggestion for you to stop taking any weight loss pills.


  • Cumin seeds
  • Alsi seeds
  • Ajwain leaves


  • You need to take 5o gram of cumin seeds, alsi seeds and ajwain.
  • Grind it and make a powder.
  • Now, take one tablespoon of this powder with water before having a meal.
  • You should take it twice a day to lose weight fast in 12 days.

The ingredient used in this remedy is herbal and natural, so, you will get positive results without any side effects.  You can get weight loss pills available in market but, they may react negative. It is best to choose right method for reducing extra fats. You should continue dieting and exercise with this remedy.