How to Whiten Hands with this Hands Whitening Mask


How to Get Soft, Smooth & Fair Hands Naturally Fast

Do you have hands in darker color? If the color of your facial skin is dark, and your hands are dark, it seems that your beauty is incomplete. You get hands in darker color because of not taking good care of these. What to use to beautify your hands? For this, you may make use of some natural ingredients. In the video below, I am going to share with you the recipe to make hands whitening mask at home. Make and use it, and get fairer hands.

Homemade Remedy for Hands Whitening | Works 100%


  • Lemon, half
  • Rosewater, half spoon
  • Alum powder, two pinches
  • Milk cream, half spoon


  • Take a clean bowl, and in it, add the juice of half lemon.
  • After this, add two pinches of alum powder to it.
  • Next, add half spoon of milk cream to it.
  • After this, add half spoon of rosewater to it, and then mix all the ingredients.
  • Now, you will get hands whitening mask ready for use.

How to Use:

Take the mask you made, and then apply it to your dark hands at night. Massage with it for four to five minutes, and leave the mask work overnight. Use the remedy daily for 11 days, and then once in a week.

This hands whitening mask works for all of you, and you can make and use it easily at home. It does not have any kinds of side effects. So, if the color of your hands is dark, make and use this whitening mask, and get beautiful hands.