How to Treat Tonsils & Throat Infection Naturally | Home Remedy


Home Remedy for Tonsils Cure At Home in Winter

In winter, the weather is cold and dry. This weather is not suitable for little kids, and thus, they easily get caught by a number of health issues. Commonly, adults as well as kids get issues such as cold, cough and flu. These health problems badly damage the good health of your kids particularly, and thus, you need to seek for an early cure of it to keep your baby healthy. What to use for the cure of winter ailments and particularly throat infections? In the video below, I am going to share with you a 100% working home remedy to treat tonsils & throat infection at home. Make and use this home remedy, and have healthy babies.

How to Treat A Sore Throat & Remove Mucus from Throat

For this remedy to treat tonsils & throat infection, the ingredients you need are


  • Betel leaf, one
  • Castor oil
  • Carom seeds


  • Take a betel leaf, and then apply castor oil to it.
  • Heat up carom seeds and make a small cloth bag of the seeds.

How to Use:

Place the leaf on the chest. Use the carom seeds to do heat massage of your chest area and throat.  Boil carom seeds, and use it extract mixed with honey to get relief from cough and mucus.

This home remedy to treat tonsils & throat infection works naturally, and also, it does not have any kinds of associated side effects. The remedy is cost-effective, and it keeps your babies healthy. So, if you or your kid get any throat disease in winter, try this remedy, and stay fit and healthy.