How to stay beautiful and active in Ramadan


Ramadan is Islamic month. It is a month of blessings and prayers. Muslims fast and pray in this holy month of Ramadan. When, you stay in empty stomach whole day, you will feel last, weak and your skin also gets dull so, today, I’m going to share a great remedy with you that, will help you to stay beautiful and active in Ramadan.


  • Water
  • Plum
  • Souf


  • Take a glass of water.
  • Add plum it and some souf.
  • Mix it.
  • Drink it after having your sehri.

It will make you feel fresh and active whole day. It will give your body energy to work and hydrate it. Your skin starts looking beautiful and glowing. So, you should make it and drink it. It is important to keep it 1 hour then, drink it.