How to Remove Dark Skin Spots & Get Clear Skin Naturally


Home Remedy for Skin Spots Removal that Works 100%

Is the color of your skin dull? Do you have dark spots on your skin? If you use products containing chemicals excessively on your skin, it causes damage to your skin. Also, if you face excessive exposure to harmful sun rays, it results in disturbing even tone of your skin. As a result of all this, you get dark spots on your skin, and it seems ugly. For the removal of pigmentation of the skin, the use of skin whitening creams cannot work at all. The tip for you is to make use of natural ingredients to help you get clear skin. In the video below, I am going to share with you a simple home remedy to make cream to remove dark skin spots fast at home. Make and use the remedy shared below to get clear skin.

How to Treat Skin Pigmentation | Home Remedy


  • Radish seeds, one spoon
  • Husn-e-Yousaf, one spoon
  • Samundari Jhaag, one spoon
  • Bitter gourd juice, as required


  • Take a clean bowl, and in it, add a spoon of radish seeds powder.
  • After this, add one spoon of husn-e-yousaf.
  • Next, add a spoon of samundari jhaag.
  • After this, add some bitter gourd juice.
  • Next, mix all the ingredients, and make a smooth mix.
  • Now, you will get remedy to remove dark skin spots ready for use.

How to Use:

Apply the pack to your skin, and let it get dry for 15 minutes. Wash it off after this.

This cream to remove dark skin spots works the best. It is easy to make and use, and also, its results are guaranteed. So, make and use the home remedy, and get clear beauty.