How to Lose 1 Kilo in 3 Days Only | Home Remedy


Homemade Weight Loss Remedy to Get Slim in 3 Days

When you ignore taking care of the diet you take, it affects the good health of your body. Because of using unhealthy foods rich in unhealthy fats, you get storage of unhealthy fat in your body. The fat takes of your beauty as well as your good health. Because of it, you are more prone to several health issues. In the video below, I am going to share with you a simple remedy to lose 1 kilo in 3 days only. Make and use the drink, and get slim and fit.

How to Lose Body Fat Naturally Fast | Home Remedy


  • Water, one and a half glass
  • Split chickpeas, half spoon
  • Split green gram, one spoon
  • Carom seeds, one-fourth spoon
  • Spearmint leaves, one spoon
  • Indian Laburnum Tree pulses, three to four
  • Bitter cucumber, one-fourth spoon


  • Take one a half glass of water.
  • In it, add half spoon of split chickpeas.
  • After this, add a spoon of split green gram.
  • Now, boil the water, and then add one-fourth spoon of carom seeds to it.
  • Next, add a spoon of spearmint leaves to it.
  • After this, add three to four Indian Laburnum Tree
  • Next, add one-fourth spoon of bitter cucumber to it.
  • Continue boiling, and stop boiling when one glass is left, and then filter it.
  • Now, you will get the drink to lose 1 kilo in 3 days only ready for use.

How to Use:

Use half glass of this drink after breakfast, and half glass after dinner. In three days, you will get results.

This drink to lose 1 kilo in 3 days only works for all of you. Try this, and get slim.