How to improve eyesight naturally


Weak eyesight is normal nowadays. Mostly people work day and night in front of computer due to which eyesight gets weak. It is important to take care of your eyes by taking healthy foods like carrot or vegetables. Today, I’m going to share a great and powerful remedy for weak eyesight and brain.


  • Black pepper powder
  • Fennel seeds powder
  • Almond powder
  • Rock sugar powder


  • Take one tablespoon of black pepper powder and fennel seeds powder.
  • Add two tablespoons of Almond powder.
  • Ad one tablespoon of rock sugar powder.
  • Mix the ingredients.
  • Take one tablespoon of this mixture daily with milk.

It contains four ingredients that are very useful and effective to make your brain sharp and eyesight powerful. Within 30 days, you will start getting results. Almonds make your brain active and sharp whereas, fennel seeds are used to make your eyesight vision clear. Hope, you like it and don’t forget to share your feedback.