How to Grow Hair Non-stop | Homemade Hair Growth Remedy


How to Get Longer, Thicker, Shinier & Healthier Hair

Women always keep looking for the solution to promote the growth of their hair as long hair are the weakness of every woman. The length and volume of hair helps in adding attraction to the beauty of a woman. Hair are the real beauty asset of a woman, and without longer and thicker hair, it seems as you have incomplete beauty. What to use to make your hair grow longer fast? In today’s video, I am going to share with you a simple homemade remedy for quick growth of your hair. This remedy works 100% to grow hair non-stop.

How to Get Longer Hair with this DIY Hair Treatment

For this long and thick hair treatment, here is the recipe. The ingredients you need to take for this are:


  • Carrot juice, two cups
  • Black cumin seeds powder, two tbsp


  • First, take two cups of carrot juice.
  • In it, add two tbsp of black cumin seeds powder.
  • Next, mix well, and pour this liquid mix into a bottle.
  • Keep this bottle in the fridge for one day.
  • Now, you will get the remedy for grow hair non-stop ready for use.

How to Use:

Apply this pack to your hair, and then leave it for an hour to let it work into your hair. Wash your hair after this, and for the best results, use this home remedy three times in a week.

This hair pack for grow hair non-stop works for the hair of all types, and also, it is safe and natural. It will not cause hair fall or any other hair issue. So, make and use the remedy, and have long, thick, sleek, shiny, healthy and beautiful hair.