How to Get Sharp Eyesight with 3 Ingredients Only


Homemade Remedy to Maintain and Protect Your Eyesight

These days, the use of eyes has greatly increased for spending time in front of screens. All the time, we are having our eyes stuck on these digital screens in spite of knowing that the radiations coming out of these devices are harmful to our eyes. If you lose your sharp eyesight, you cannot enjoy the beauty of this world fully, and thus, you have to rely on the use of spectacles all the time. But, it is possible to get sharp eyesight with the use of herbal ingredients only. In the video below, I am going to share with you the recipe to make homemade eye medicine for improving your weak eyesight.

Weak Eyesight Treatment | How to Get Sharp Eyesight

To treat weak eyesight issues, and to sharpen your eyesight, here is a simple remedy. For this, you need to take following ingredients.


  • Fennel seeds, six masha
  • Magaz Badam, seven
  • Rock candy, one tola


  • Take fennel seeds, magaz badam and rock candy in the quantity mentioned above.
  • Grind all the ingredients, and make a powdered mixture.
  • Now, the best homemade remedy to get sharp eyesight is ready for use.

How to Use:

Use this mixture at night before sleeping with milk, and with it, do not drink water. Continue using the remedy for 40 days. The remedy also improves brain power.

This homemade remedy to get sharp eyesight is the most effective. The use of almonds in it not only sharpens your eyesight, but, it is good for your brain power too. So, if you are suffering from weak eyesight issue, and you are tired of putting on spectacles all the time, this remedy will solve your issue. Make and use this herbal remedy and have sharp eyesight naturally permanently.