Homemade Skin Whitening Soap | How to Make At Home


DIY Whitening Soap to Whiten Dark Skin

You all love beauty as beauty has an attraction in it. The beauty of a woman lies in its face mainly. If your face is fair, spotless and glowing, you can look pretty. The dull and dark look on your face suppresses the beauty of your personality too. When you are looking for an ultimate skincare routine, the first thing is to find something to make your skin fair. Milky white tone of your skin helps to enhance your facial beauty many times. With your fair and white skin tone, if you have a glow on your skin, you can make you look even more engaging. What to use for getting the fair and glowing skin? Here, you will get the best solution. In the video below, I am going to share with you the recipe to make skin whitening soap.

How to Whiten Dark Skin Fast with Home Ingredients


  • Tibbet Soap, one
  • Rosewater, two tbsp
  • Almond oil, one tbsp
  • Glycerin, one tbsp
  • Saffron, two pinches
  • Ubtan, two tbsp


  • Take soap, and then grate it.
  • After this, add all the ingredients in a pan.
  • Boil the ingredients for four minutes, and then let it cool down.
  • Cut the mix into the shape of a soap, and then you will get skin whitening soap ready for use.

How to Use:

Use the soap daily, and get fair and glowing skin.

This homemade skin whitening soap is 100% safe and effective. So, make and use this soap and have fair and glowing skin.