Homemade skin whitening drink by Dr.bilquis


In this hot weather, skin gets dull, darker and un-attractive. Therefore, it is very important to take proper care of your skin. You should apply sunblock whenever, you go out under the sun because, it will help your skin to get tan. On the other hand, drink a lot of water and milk. Try to increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Almonds
  • Misri
  • Pomegranate flower


  • Take two tablespoons of Almond powder.
  • Add one tablespoon of misri powder and pomegranate flower powder.
  • Mix it by adding one glass of warm water.
  • Drink it daily it will make your skin glowing and beautiful.

It is highly recommended to use it because; it is one of the best homemade whitening creams. It includes pomegranate flower that is very effective for your skin. It will lighter your darker spots and also make your dark circles disappear.