Home remedy to get rid of constipation


Constipation is one of the main issues nowadays. It is painful situation that should be treated as soon as possible. You may know about many herbal remedies for it but, today I’m going to share a great and effective remedy to get rid of constipation fast. The reason of constipation may be different for every person. It may cause due to reaction of eating any food that, didn’t suits you like lady finger or any other. To get relief from belly pain because of constipation, you should use this remedy.


  • Anjeer
  • Apple vinegar


  • Take a bowl and add apple vinegar in it.
  • Dip two anjeer in vinegar overnight.
  • Early morning, you need to throw the vinegar and eat the anjeer.
  • Do it regularly for quick relief.

Benefits of anjeer:

Anjeer is very healthy and useful dry fruit for our body. If, you are diabetic patient then, you should include it in your diet. It will control your diabetes naturally. If, you try this remedy you will get relief from belly pain fast.  In case, you are not feeling well and the pain is not going then, you should consult with your doctor.