Home remedy for Intestinal worms


To have worm in your baby’s tummy is normal and can be treated easily. There are any home remedies to cure it. You may get medical treatments for it as well but, they are expensive and not everyone can afford them so, it is better to try home remedies. Today, I’m going to share a best remedy for intestinal worms. It is guaranteed that, within a month your baby’s tummy is clean with all these worms. So, try it.


  • Watch video to know about the names of ingredients. It can’t be pronouns in English.


  • You need to make a powder form of this ingredient.
  • Now, give one tablespoon of this powder to your child regularly.
  • It will clean up the entire worm naturally within a month.

Causes of intestinal worms:

There are many causes behind the birth of intestinal worms. It may occur due to excess intake of sugar so, it is better to make your child away from chocolates. The diet of your baby plays a very important role to make its tummy healthy and free from worms. Include, healthy foods in your baby diet plan like fruits, rice, vegetables and other nutrition containing foods.