Home Remedy to Cure Uric Acid & Joint Pain with Yogurt in 7 Days


How to Cure Uric Acid & Joint Pain without Medicines

Uric acid is a chemical compound in your body and it is formed because of the breakdown of the substances Purines. These substances are found in the foods you get from plants and animals. In your body, these substances get converted into uric acid. If you eat a diet rich in Purines, you are more likely to have uric acid. The uric acid is also produced naturally in your body. Higher levels of uric acid cause joint pain or gout and these conditions are painful. In this video, I am going to share with you a simple remedy to cure uric acid & joint pain easily at home.

Remedy to Cure Uric Acid & Joint Pain Naturally


  • Yogurt, two cups
  • Soft cotton cloth, half meter

Home Remedy to Cure Uric Acid & Joint Pain with Yogurt in 7 Days


  • Take two cups of yogurt and put it in the soft cotton cloth. Let this cloth hang overnight over a rope.
  • In the morning, you will get the remedy ready to cure uric acid & joint pain.

How to Use:

Take this yogurt and apply it to your slice and eat it and it helps in the cure of uric acid. Take your breakfast after one hour and follow the remedy for seven days for the best results.

Tips for Uric Acid & Joint Pain:

Joint pain is a painful health condition and it makes your living difficult. Its main cause is uric acid. To get rid of joint pain or control uric acid

  • Limit the use of cow’s meat, rice, and ice-cream.
  • Also, avoid roasted and fry foods.
  • Treat constipation at first if you have it.
  • Have a good control of your weight and prevent obesity.
  • Avoid overload of work and many hours of tough exercises.

Uric acid reaches your kidneys and mostly, it is flushed out of your body via urine. However, in the case of an increased production of uric acid, your body cannot flush it out at the same rate. Thus, the acid gets accumulated in your body in the form of crystals and these crystals cause pain in joints.

So, if you are suffering from uric acid and joint pain, follow this simple remedy to cure uric acid & joint pain and get rid of this issue.