10 Home Remedies to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain Fast


How to Cure Lower Back Pain At Home

Lower back pain may seem worse, and thus, you need to alleviate pain as soon as possible. It is better to see your doctor on time.  This health issue is common, and many women face it. The pain is of severe nature, and because of it, it becomes difficult for you to carry out your routine tasks. For back pain relief, women use medications such as painkillers. Also, some of you make use of natural methods to get rid of this condition. In the video below, I am going to share with you effective home remedies to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain. The remedies help to get rid of this condition naturally fast.

Try these Remedies & You Will No More Have Lower Back Pain

Cold Compress

If you get pain in back because of an injury, this remedy will work. It should be used on the area during first 24-48 hours. Do not apply ice directly to your skin, and make use of towel.

Heat/Hot Soak/Hot Shower

After 48 hours, use hot soak, heating pad or a hot shower. It also gives instant relief from back pain.

Capsaicin Cream

Another remedy to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain is to use Capsaicin cream. Rub the cream on the affected area. It is made of such ingredients that tend to work to lower back pain.


Body produces natural pain killers and these are called endorphins. These are released through aerobic exercise. So, do an aerobic exercise, and work out to strengthen your muscles.


It is the best source to get rid of back pain. Massage the affected area with oil gently, and you will be feeling better.


It is a gentle mean of exercise. As you get back pain, try yoga and it will help you get healthy.

Stretch before Exercise

Before you take an exercise, try stretches. The stretches help to stretch your muscles. It helps to take out pain immediately.

Poor Posture

Always keep your back in a correct posture to get rid of pain in your back. Poor posture is a primary cause of back pain.

Pressure Points

Press the pressure points on your back side gently, and massage well. This also aids in giving you relief from back pain.

Keep Yourself Moving

Do not stay lazy all the time. Stay active, and keep on moving. Being active is the best tip to stay healthy.

These remedies to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain are very effective. So, if you are suffering from this condition, follow one of the remedies and get healthy and fit.