How to gain weight and look healthy


How to gain weight and look healthy

Too much weight is not a good thing for health but the people who are relatively weak and want to raise their weight can act upon these tips to gain weight in few days.  Weight gain is not something that can be achieved easily. It requires persistence and regulation to diet and training. If you want to look beautiful then you should act upon these weight gaining tips to gain weight and look healthy.

Gain weight and look healthy

  • Take one apple, cut with knife, place in a plate and put under the light of moon for the whole night so dew drops fall on it. Eat this apple when you wake up in the morning. The lean body will become fat in few days. It also brightens your face. Use this tip for a month regularly.
  • Eat apples daily to gain weight. It increases the weight. Take eleven to twelve hours sleep regularly to increase your height and sleep six hours to decrease the height.
  • Everyone knows the benefits of vegetables. If you want to brighten the skin then use cucumber and eat beetroot to increase the weight. According to a research if you have lost appetite then eat much vegetables because they help to regain your appetite.
  • Radish is a vegetable which is mostly used in the salad but according to researchers it is very helpful to increase the appetite. It is exposed by the Boston medical research center that the people who do not feel hunger if take one piece of radish before meal they will feel more appetite.
  • The use of radish protects from the teeth and jaw aches. In fact it gives strength to the nails and hair. Also radish helps to gain the weight.

Tips to gain weight

  • You can increase the weight if you overcome the depression
  • Eat after some minutes again and again and eat as much as you can.
  • Use milk and butter in your diet

After using these tips, if you got more weight and now want to lose it then follow these tips:

Tips to lose weight

  • Use lukewarm water mixed with few drops of lemon daily in the morning.
  • Use a lemon with much water at least three times daily in a day to lose the weight
  • Use less pulses, sweets and bananas in your meal

So this was all about the tips to gain weight and look healthy.                                                                                                                                                    How to gain weight and look healthy