How to Gain Weight Fast & Naturally Home Remedies


How to Gain Weight Fast & Naturally Home Remedies

Having weight lesser than a healthy weight is also a disease similar to the obesity and it needs to be treated. Health experts have established weight standards according to height, age and gender of the people. If your weight is lesser than the standard healthy weight, it means you also have a disease. For your help, here I am going to tell you that how to gain weight fast and naturally.

Poor nutrition is the main cause of being underweight. In young people, this issue is of serious concern especially. When you do not have the required healthy body weight, you feel tired and it also affects the immunity of your body.

Best Home Remedies to Gain Weight Fast


Melon is a wonderful food to get rid of a lean body. Melon if used the right way helps in fast weight gain. In this treatment, you need to eat 3 kilograms of melons daily in the beginning for three days. After three days, increase the number of melons you are eating by one kilogram with each passing day.

For treatment, use fresh and sweet melons. Continue increasing the number of melons in kilograms unless you reach the quantity sufficient to meet your appetite.

Mango and Milk

To get rid of a lean body, the use of a mango is also very effective. For this, always use ripe and sweet mangoes. Take three mangoes daily.  In the beginning, eat two mangoes of medium-size on the first day and then drink a glass of milk. Mango has sugar and milk has protein in it. The use of mango and milk gives amazing weight gain results. Follow the remedy for a month and it will not only increase your weight but it also improves your health.


The use of only milk is very effective for weight gain according to health experts. In the beginning of the milk treatment to increase weight, an individual is kept on a juice fast for three days and he/she must use lukewarm water and lemon juice for internal cleaning of the body.

From the fourth day of the treatment, the patient must drink a glass of milk after every two hours. The next day, take a glass of milk after every 1 ½ hour. And the next day, drink a glass of milk after every hour and you will increase your weight.


For getting rid of a lean body, the use of figs is also powerful. Sugar in figs can be digested easily. Nutrition in figs improves your health and helps in weight gain. Take three figs and keep them soaked in water. Use the figs two times in a day.


For weight gain, the best remedy is to us 30 grams of raisins daily. Keep raisins with you and eat them after short intervals throughout the day. For weight gain, the best is to use the foods that have more calories.

So, this is all about the remedies on gain weight fast. Follow any of the remedies and have a healthy weight gain and look smarter.

How to Gain Weight Fast & Naturally Home RemediesHow to Gain Weight Fast & Naturally Home Remedies