Drink This before Bedtime and Lose Weight Overnight | 100% Natural


Magical Weight Loss Drink to Lose Weight Fast

Have you gained extra body weight? As your body gets storage of extra fat, it starts getting obese. Because of being obese, you not only lose your beauty, but also, you are prone to serious health issues such as heart diseases. Many of you cannot resist eating all the time. Also, you do not have the courage to take hard and tough exercises. The use of medications to lose your weight may be quite damaging to your health. What to use for weight loss? In the video below, I am going to share with you the recipe to make 100% natural drink for weight loss at home. The use of this drink helps to lose weight overnight.

How to Make Drink for Weight Loss with Home Ingredients


  • Water, two glasses
  • Cinnamon, three-four inch piece
  • Ginger, two-inch piece
  • Fennel seeds, one tsp
  • Carom seeds, half spoon


  • Take two glasses of water to a pan.
  • After this, add a three-four inch piece of cinnamon to it.
  • Next, add two-inch piece of ginger, and one tsp of fennel seeds.
  • Now, add half spoon of carom seeds.
  • Boil the mix of ingredients until one and a half glass of water is left.
  • Now, the best drink to lose weight overnight is ready for use.

How to Use:

Have half cup of this drink in the morning before breakfast. Also, have half cup before lunch and half cup before dinner. Use the drink for 30 days.

This homemade drink to lose weight overnight is easy to make and use. It works fast, and also, it is safe for your health. So, if you have gained extra weight, do not worry. Make and use the drink, and get slim and fit.