Amazing Remedy to Cure Hair Fall with Homemade Hair Serum & Oil


Homemade Hair Serum and Oil to Prevent Hair Fall

Well, hair fall is a common hair problem and affects most people at a same time in their lives. in some conditions, hair fall may occur with a simple halt in the cycle of hair growth. Hormonal changes can cause hair fall. Hair loss can also be due to medication used to treat cancer, high blood pressure and depression. Nowadays, depression and stress are the most common reasons for temporary hair fall condition. If you are looking best and amazing hair serum, you are in a right article. I’ll share an amazing homemade hair serum and oil that is used to prevent hair fall naturally without any harmful chemicals.

DIY Homemade Hair Serum & Oil with Natural Ingredients

Here are ingredients and procedure to make a homemade hair serum and oil:

Ingredients you need

  • Cactus pulp or aloe Vera gel
  • Green fenugreek leaves
  • Garlic cloves, eight
  • Water, two glasses
  • Mustard oil

How to Use

  1. Firstly, take the cactus pulp and add in a pan.
  2. Now, turn on flame and add green fenugreek leaves, garlic cloves, and
  3. Boil all the ingredients in water for fifteen to twenty hours.
  4. Now, our homemade hair serum is ready. Store it in an airtight container or spray bottle.
  5. You can add mustard oil in all these ingredients to make a perfect hair oil to prevent hair fall.
  6. You can store this oil in an airtight container and apply on your scalp to prevent hair fall naturally.
  7. For the long-lasting result, use it twice in a week.
  8. If you don’t find cactus plant then you can use Aloe Vera gel to make homemade hair serum at home.

Benefits of homemade hair serum

  1. Cactus pulp might help to prevent hair loss.
  2. Cactus can be applied to your hair to help your hair feel soft and looks shiny.
  3. It is also a good source of important minerals like calcium, omega 3, omega 9 and vitamin E.

Simply, this homemade hair serum has many properties to prevent hair fall naturally.