Black seeds oil for long thick hair naturally


Hair fall is the one of the main issues of girls nowadays. There are many reasons of thin, weak hair but, solution is only one i.e. to take proper diet plus oiling. Yes, if you eat good food like spinach juice, carrot juice and fish it will help you to make your hair strong and healthy. Hair oiling twice a week is also very important, but, to choose right oil for your hair is a difficult task. You have to find out what type of oil suits you and buy from the market or you can make your own oil at home with the help of recipe that I’m going to share.


  • Black seeds
  • Water


  • Take one cup of black seeds.
  • Grind it by adding water in it.
  • You will get a fine paste.
  • Now, strain the paste as shown in video.
  • Cook the black seeds water in a pan.
  • Until it gets thick like a cream.
  • You need to strain it again as shown in vido.
  • The strain water is oil and its ready to use.
  • The thick peel you get after strain the water is the black seeds cream so, you need to use both for thick and long hair.
  • Apply it as directed in video.