Best home remedy to get rid of dry cough


The change in weather may bring change in your health. So, it is very important to take proper care of your health. If, you are suffering from dry cough and want to get relief from it then, you are at the right place because today I’m going to share a great and effective remedy to cure dry cough naturally. You may consult with your doctor for medicines but, if you want to get rid of it without spending any money then, you can try this home remedy.


  • Apple
  • Long


  • You need to take one apple and stick 8 to 9 longs on it as shown in video.
  • Keep it under the sun for a day.
  • When, the apple get dry then, remove the remove the longs from it and blend it to make a powder.
  • Add honey about one teaspoon on it and eat it.
  • Take it one time a day.
  • You will definitely get rid of dry cough naturally fast.

You should try it to get instant relief from dry cough and don’t forget to share your feedback.