Best hiccups treatment at home


Hiccups are normal. It usually comes when, a person brain is connected with someone or you are thinking about someone so deeply. Hiccups is annoying voice that makes you irritated. The old people said that, it can be stop by drinking water or by breathing in and out. Basically, you can found various solutions to cure it but, the remedy I’m going to share is best and gives to quick results.


  • Kishmish


  • Take a glass of water.
  • Carry two to three kishmish on your hand and eat it with water.
  • Whenever, you have hiccups, you should do it.
  • It will give you relief from hiccups fast.

Kishmish is effective for your stomach. It will not only stop hiccups but, also improves your digestive system. Dry fruits are healthy for your body and skin so, you should include it in your diet.