Best Cough treatment at home


There is not one reason behind cough, some people are very sensitive, and when they drink cold water they suffer from cough. You can treat cough with home remedies naturally without spending any money. Here, in this article you will get best remedy to treat cough at home. People who are worried about their cough and tried a lot of medical treatments but, get no relief then, they should try almonds.


  • Almonds


  • You need to take eleven almonds.
  • Cook them in pan until it gets red.
  • Once the almond color change from brown to red, turn off the flame.
  • Eat this almond regularly to get relief from cough naturally.

Benefits of Almonds:

Almonds are very good for your brain. It will also effective to control blood pressure. It is helpful to reduce cough and other throat infections. So, you should include almonds in your routine diet. If, you want to make your memory sharp then, dip 8 almonds in water overnight and have it early morning. Follow it regularly for sharp and active mind.