Benefits of drinking milk


Milk is essential for your body. It contains protein and calcium that is very important for your body to work actively. If, you have a glass of milk regularly then, you will feel fresh and active whole day. Mostly people think that they will get fat if, they drink milk but, it’s not right. You should try to have milk after 5 to 6 hours of having meal. If, you eat too much and then, drink milk as well, it may increase your weight so; try to eat less while having a glass of milk.

Mostly people hate milk if, you are one of them so, you can add chocolate powder or make a fruit shake by adding banana, apply or any other fruits. In short, you can make your milk tasty by adding flavour to it. The life is short so, live it happily and healthy.  Make a routine of taking a glass of milk daily.

Milk is effective to increase the growth of your hair. It will make your skin glowing and beautiful. It will also help you to increase your height naturally. You can get rid of dark circles by applying fresh cream milk on your face.