How to avoid arthritis at home by easy remedies


How to avoid arthritis at home by easy remedies

The disease of arthritis may occur due to many reasons like injuries, error in metabolic system, effects of bacterial and viral infections and reduction in the calcium level. This disease can affect any person. Some of the important points are here that how to avoid arthritis.


The normal symptoms of arthritis are intense pain, swelling and problems in joints. There are also some light symptoms like fever, weight loss and fatigue.

Cure and treatment

If it is diagnosed in initial stages then it can be recovered very fast.  Rather other parts of body can be saved. Take light exercise daily.


Yoga is also very helpful for the pain of joints. The poses of yoga which relaxes the neck and back is useful.

2-Green tea

The green tea is also useful for the pain of joints. According to a research, the daily use of four cups green tea increases the quantity of chemical elements which reduces the pain of joints. Green tea contains anti oxidants which reduces the swelling and overcome the problems of muscles very efficiently.


Experts said that turmeric brings reduction in pain and swelling of rheumatoid patients. Add half a tea spoon of turmeric daily sprinkle on food.

4-Take more calcium

Use the products full of calcium. Less calcium in your bones can weaken your bones. The green leaves vegetables and the products made from milk are best source to obtain calcium.

5-Take vitamin D

The big reason behind the pain of bones and joints is the lack of vitamin D in the body. Sit under the sun for ten to fifteen minutes to gain vitamin D.

Avoid these things

Experts advise that don’t use different creams to cure pain of joints and bones as it increases the pain sometimes.

According to experts, only use the creams prescribed by the doctor. This is all about how to avoid arthritis.