An Amazing Home Remedy for Weight Loss & Obesity in 2 Months


Simple Home Remedy for Weight Loss & Obesity

Overweight is a bad news for both men and women. Overweight is largely determined how you balance your calories? If you are taking high energy food and your exercise too little, you will gain extra belly fat. Excessive Belly fat is a common problem in women. Excessive belly fat increases the risk of attacking different diseases on the human body. While poor diet and physical inactivity contributing to belly fat. Surprisingly, everyone has belly fat but too much belly fat can affect your health. You can find many medicines and weight loss diet plans to reduce belly fat. These plans could reduce your belly fats but also have a bad effect on your health. So, you don’t compromise with your health. In this article, you will find the best home remedy for weight loss and obesity that show the result in two months.

Home Remedy for Weight Loss with Natural Ingredients


  • Amla Powder, fifty grams
  • Nigella Powder, fifty grams
  • Fennel powder, fifty grams
  • Potato powder, fifty grams

How to Make

Mix all the above mention ingredients and take one tsp of homemade powder for weight loss in the morning after breakfast and at evening after dinner. For best result, eat it daily for two months. All the ingredients of this home remedy are natural.

Benefits you will get

There are many benefits of these ingredients that we are using in this home remedy for weight loss. We will discuss some common benefits.

  1. Obesity is often caused by improper metabolism rate in the human body. Amala Can help to maintain your metabolism rate.
  2. Amala helps in hydrating the body and keeps you full of for a long, Amla is very effective for the purpose of weight loss.
  3. Kalonji Helps reduce central fat (belly fat) naturally.
  4. Fennel powder can also help with toxin clean –up.

You should try this simple home remedy for weight loss. All the ingredients of this home remedy are easily available in the market.