Amazing Health Tip | How to Cure Cold, Cough & Flu


Homemade Remedy to Get Relief from Cold & Cough

In winter, health issues are quiet common. All of you have to suffer from cold, cough and flu. These illnesses are not fatal, but these disturb your life badly. The frequent headaches keep you restless and for the cure, the use of painkillers is not safe. However, you can make use of natural ingredients to keep your body fit and healthy. For you, here, I have brought an amazing health remedy. I am going to share with you the remedy to cure cold, cough & flu. Try this and stay healthy.

How to Treat Cold, Cough & Headaches with Home Ingredients


  • Salt
  • Guava leaves
  • Raw guava


  • Take a pan, and in it, add a glass of water.
  • Put the pan on the stove, and boil the water for five minutes.
  • After this, add a cup of guava leaves to this water, and boil more.
  • Next, take a mud bowl, and in it, place coals, and place the raw guava on it to cook the guava.
  • Now, you will get the remedy to cure cold, cough & flu ready for use.

How to Use:

Drink the tea, and eat the cooked raw guava with salt. You can use the remedy anytime during the day. For the best results, use it for three days at least.

This remedy to cure cold, cough & flu is 100% effective. All of you can use it, and also, it is full of health benefits. So, if you get any of these health issues, try this, and stay healthy.