6 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Irregular Periods


 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Irregular Periods

Having irregular periods is a serious issue and many people do not know about this. This condition is known as amenorrhea. The main cause of irregular periods is hormonal imbalance. This hormonal balance is not severe but it can cause different health issues. If you are also experiencing this issue, here are some remedies to get rid of irregular periods.

How to Get Rid of Irregular Periods

Remedy 1

Use Aspirin

If periods get delayed by one day, dissolve 2 tablets of aspirin in ½ cup of water.  Add ½ spoon of sugar and ½ spoon of honey in it and use it regularly.

Remedy 2

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in the production of estrogen that helps in bleeding. Increase the use of orange and lemon. You may also take supplements of Vitamin C.

Remedy 3

Changes in Diet

Bring changes in your diet. Limit the use of salt. Sodium in salt prevents bleeding. Use foods rich in carotenes such as eggs, carrots, and spinach. Also, mix ½ small spoon of jaggery powder and ½ spoon of turmeric powder in one glass of water and use it once in a week.

Remedy 4

Use Hot Water

To get rid of irregular periods, drink hot water as much as possible. Use hot water bottle as a hot pack on the lower part of your belly. Sit in the bathtub filled with hot water for 30 minutes daily.

Remedy 5

Take Exercise

Some exercise can help to get rid of irregular menstrual cycles such as sit-ups, spots jogging and cycling etc.

Remedy 6

Control Stress

Take respiratory exercises to control stresses as the major cause of irregular periods is stresses.

Causes of Irregular Periods

  • If you are not pregnant and you are having irregular periods, it means you have hormonal imbalance. This means that the process of eggs release is not taking place the right way in female.
  • Another cause of irregular periods may be mental stresses. Mental stresses have a direct effect on our hormones and these stresses cause hormonal imbalance. That is why women face the problem of irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Changes in your life such as starting a new work, changes in your diet and changes in your exercise patterns can also causes disturbances in menstrual cycles.
  • Significant weight loss can also cause irregular menstrual cycles. If this condition persists for a long time, you must consult your doctor.

If you are not having periods for three months, it is the time to visit your doctor to find out the cause. In some cases, the causes may be minor and the condition is corrected itself. Follow the remedies shared above and get rid of irregular periods.

 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Irregular Periods how to Get Rid of Irregular Periods