100% Effective Toner for Large Pores How to Make at Home


Best Cucumber Toner to Shrink Large Pores

Do you have large pores on your skin? These large pores are also a primary beauty issue, and these may affect the skin of all of you. These pores give a way to dust and dirt particles, and cause blackheads. Also, with the time, these turn into acne and pimples. To get rid of these large pores, the use of a toner is the best. In the video below, I am going to share with you a simple recipe to make the best toner for large pores at home using cucumber, and two other natural ingredients only.

DIY Toner to Get Rid of Large Skin Pores Naturally

For this remedy to get rid of the large pores on your skin, here is the recipe. The ingredients you need for this are:


  • Cucumber, one
  • Lemon, half
  • Rosewater, four to five tbsp


  • Take one cucumber, and then peel it off.
  • Grate it after this, and then extract juice of it.
  • In it, add the juice of half lemon.
  • Next, add four to five tbsp of rosewater to it.
  • Now, mix well all the ingredients, and you will get the best toner for large pores ready for use.

How to Use:

Use this toner with a cotton ball after cleaning your face two to three times daily. After 15 to 20 minutes, you can wash your face. Use this remedy for four to five weeks.

Cucumber has astringent properties, and it helps to treat acne and pimples. Also, it makes your skin glowing, and lightens your complexion. Thus, this toner for large pores is the best. It is 100% safe and natural. There are no skin-damaging effects of it. So, if you have large pores on your skin, and you need to get rid of them, make and use this natural product, and have perfect beauty.